Make-up &Beauty tips

Hi guys! Today i have some beauty tips for you. I went last week to a beautician and she gived me some awesome advice about make-up and face care. So of course i want to share these tips with you &  i hope you like it ! ❤️
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3 X Prints

Hi guys! Today i want to show the very popular prints from this moment. I will explain you these trends and give you tips about how you can wear them. I hope i can give you some inspiration. Enjoy& thank you for reading ! ❤️
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5 musthave items

hi guys! today i've finally a new article for you about my musthave items for the next season! it's a while since i have posted anything because i was very busy with school and everything . now i have many new ideas , so happy new year and i hope you enjoy this new post!

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Review the nudes maybelline new york

Hi guys! Today i want to write a review for you about the nudes eyeshadow palette by maybelline new york because i am so excited about this product. I was thinking to buy this palette for a longer time but now i finally bought it ! I'm used to create looks with cheap catrice colors and i know maybelline is still a budgetproof brand ,but  it made such a difference for me . The palette costs € 16,95 in Belgium. 
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Ikea items

Hi everyone! I finally have a new article for you guy's . I know it's been a while but today i had a very good maybe a little bit strange idea. I last went to ikea and i get some inspiration. Now i want to share with you my favourite things/products from ikea .So i hope you like it and thanks for reading !xx💋
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10 favourit instagramaccounts

Hi guy's! Today I'm going to tell about my favourite insta accounts. You defenitly need to follow them because they give me so much inspiration about fashion and beauty ( a lifestyle maybe) . Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it ! Xx💋
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Home decor ideas

Hi guys! I would like to give you some inspiration about home decoration. And how can I do it better than show my favourite corners of my own room ( maybe again with pinterest inspiration 😉). You see a collage from my case ,my office and other cute things . Hope you like it ! Xx💋
Candle: hema
Cactus : ikea
Hanging plant: ikea 
Ligts: action
Tray: action
Letters : hema
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Outfit dua lipa concert

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Halloween inspiration

Hi guys! I've made an inspiration board about halloween for you. You can find 5 halloween make-up looks and 2 very cute DIY's . All these pictures are from pinterest, i hope i can ever do it bymyself😊. Thanks for reading & enjoy ! ❤️( ooh and happy halloween👻)
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Daily make-up products!

hi guy's! I will show you today a few products that I use every day.  As you all know we're still in college so we don't have a lot of money to spend on make-up.  So probably all these products are budget proof. i hope you like it &thanks for reading!

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Hi guys! So for today i've searched on the internet for the shoe trends of this fall/winter. I found some beautiful trends on Pinterest ( of course) and now I was looking for these shoes on Zalando. So in the pictures below, you see on the left side the photo from Pinterest and on the right side the shoes from Zalando. They aren't exactly the same but it's about the trend. I  hope you like it &thanks for reading!

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