shower routine

hi guys!

today I'm going to write about my shower routine so I will tell you about every product I use before, in and after I take a shower.  I hope you like it !

1. I scrub my face first before I go in the shower . Because it doesn't care if my hair become wet from the scrub. Now I use one from garnier.

2. The shampoo I use is one from Aussie .

3. After the shampoo I use a conditioner from Pantene with aloëvera. I just like every product with aloëvera.

4. With the conditioner still in my hair, I use a scrub for my body. Sometimes I make my own scrub but this is one from Treaclemoon.

5. Then I use a bodywash from Dove, shave my legs &... and wash the conditioner out of my hair.

6. When i'm dry enough , I use a bodylotion on my legs and arms. I really liked these from the Bodyshop.

7. Maybe this product belongs more in my hair routine but I always do some volume mouse in my hair before i dry them.

Thank you for reading xxx

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