Hi guys! So for today i've searched on the internet for the shoe trends of this fall/winter. I found some beautiful trends on Pinterest ( of course) and now I was looking for these shoes on Zalando. So in the pictures below, you see on the left side the photo from Pinterest and on the right side the shoes from Zalando. They aren't exactly the same but it's about the trend. I  hope you like it &thanks for reading!

ankle boots

these ankle boots are very feminine. the suede fabric , that you see everywhere, gives it something more

motorcycle boots

we saw them previous winter but now there back: tougher and bigger



 you can wear loafers on each season you want (but maybe not on the very cold days)

it's elegant and you don't have to wear high heels: win win!

flat elegant shoes

go this winter for a pair with a metalic color and let your shoes be the eyecatcher!

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