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Hi everyone! I finally have a new article for you guy's . I know it's been a while but today i had a very good maybe a little bit strange idea. I last went to ikea and i get some inspiration. Now i want to share with you my favourite things/products from ikea .So i hope you like it and thanks for reading !xx💋
Everyone knows the candles from ikea. But what do you think about this golden tray . It  doesn't look cheap, right?
I'm in love with the cactuses from ikea. They have them in different forms and colors . And now my collection tells 5 of them (that's actually way to much for one room ...) 
Ikea has also many pillows and pillow covers. For this season i like the furry ones very much. ( they have them also in different colors like white and black and brown)
An other furry thing from ikea that get my attention is this small carpet. Very cute and warm i think!
A very big trend at the moment are these glass bells . Sometimes they cost very much so ikea is a cheap alternative.
This is one for the real beauty lovers : a mirror that gives you the perfect light to do your make-up!
I like the kind of industrial style at the moment. So i think this bin can give that industrial touch at every room.
I saw these lights also very often on pinterest and instagram . So if you want to create it yourself, go get them at ikea! 
It's still a bit early (maybe for some of you not😊) but i want to share with you this cute christmas decoration. 

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