Review the nudes maybelline new york

Hi guys! Today i want to write a review for you about the nudes eyeshadow palette by maybelline new york because i am so excited about this product. I was thinking to buy this palette for a longer time but now i finally bought it ! I'm used to create looks with cheap catrice colors and i know maybelline is still a budgetproof brand ,but  it made such a difference for me . The palette costs € 16,95 in Belgium. 
The palette has 12 different colors with wich you can make an everyday eye look. But there are also very dark colors in so i think i can also use this palette for a party look or something. There are 5 colors with a matt finish and the rest has a little shimmer in it . When i use this palette in the morning (7am) my look is still beautiful at the evening. But first you should use a eyeshadow primer cause that helps a lot . I really like this palette and maybe i'm going to try the other two palettes from this collection too. Underneath you see swatches of all the colors. Thank you for reading !💋

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