5 musthave items

hi guys! today i've finally a new article for you about my musthave items for the next season! it's a while since i have posted anything because i was very busy with school and everything . now i have many new ideas , so happy new year and i hope you enjoy this new post!

1. Leather jacket
They are always good enough, warm enough and fashionable enough. I would advice you to invest in a good quality leather jacket. Mine is from loavies and i am really in love with it ūüėć!
2. Body
For the next season a body is very handy. It's very easy to combinate with other clothes and you always look in shape !
3. Pantalon
I am so happy with my pantalon because sometimes wearing a skinny jeans can be very oncomfortable. I have a grey one with tinny stripes on it. Again, it isn't a waste of your money to spend some little more on a good pantalon because they are timeless 
4. Little black dress
Of course every girl needs a black . It's simple but chic and you can wear it on a party/date/schoolday/workday. You can style it your way with high heels or with sneakers .
5. Grey sneakers
 We saw already the trend with white sneakers but now  i think it's time for the grey ones ! It looks very soft and lovely and it's easy to style them with your outfit . 

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