3 X Prints

Hi guys! Today i want to show the very popular prints from this moment. I will explain you these trends and give you tips about how you can wear them. I hope i can give you some inspiration. Enjoy& thank you for reading ! ❤️
This winter i saw a lot of items with stars on  it : sweaters with stars on or a blouse with a black&white stars print. You see them also on shoes and you can match your outfit with a very cute necklace with stars. I think you can wear this print casual or with glitter pants or a skirt for an extra sparkly effect !
Stripes are (just as dots) always good and trendy. But now they are again very hot. You see them on tops and T-shirts but also on pants and blouses. For next spring : a shirt with vertical or horizontal light blue and white stripes are very fashionable. Don't be afraid and mix& match them al togehter !
Fabric flowers
I love this print very much. You can choose for a t-shirts  with 2 or 3 little flowers just as a detail but you also have these tops with a big print . I find jeans with those flowers  very cute , it makes your outfit a little less boring and more interesting. You can find this print also on bags and shoes.