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Hi guys! Today i have some beauty tips for you. I went last week to a beautician and she gived me some awesome advice about make-up and face care. So of course i want to share these tips with you &  i hope you like it ! ❤️
1.So first i went for a detox treatment and i heared that this kind of treatment is very popular at the moment for young people. It doesn't really matter what type your skin type is, she just cleans your face very good and deep with scrubs and with a light. After the treatment you feel very fresh and your skin is also very glowing. My beautician also said to me that if i repeat this treatment 3 times always after 8 weeks that my acne woulde be gone!
2. The first tip she gived me was that could better apply a serum in the evening on my face than a night cream. She thinks that a night cream isn't necessary on our age and that a cream at night is too tough for your skin because it needs to breathe. She gived me a day cream with peppermint and  cotton. Peppermint is very anti-bacterial and cotton makes your skin less red.
3. It can help to scrub if you have an oily skin but not more than one time in the week. If you scrub to mutch you could get dry spots on your skin and a scrub can be very agressive. 

4. The last tips are make-up tips: my beautician said that you actually don't need a powder after your foundation if your foundation is good enough for your skin type. When she did my make-up she would give my a sun kissed look so she putted some hilighter in a crescent shape at my eye corner and she did some bronzer at my cheeks.
I hope my tips could give you some inspiration . Thank you for reading !xx 

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